Sauce Japon “ TOROMI “- Enchanted gel broth soy sauce -
The quality of the TOROMI sauce made exclusively at the Delica Au Bain-Marie can only be described as an eloquent mixture of high craftsmanship and pure representation of Japan's cultural taste.

The carefully extracted soy beans create an almost surreal, profound taste as it is hinted with grade-A natural ingredients taken from Japanese soil and oceans.

One must savor every drop as its tranquil appearance hides its true colors; the smooth richness of dried Bonito(Hon-gare-bushi)and authentic fresh kelp (Rishiri-Kobu) seasoning (Dashi-broth) within the soy source contribute to its prominent, refined taste. 

Try it with numerous recipes and platters such as sushi, tempura, deep-fried dishes, assorted vegetables, and roast meat.